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The world of art and the pen

The presence of the pen in art is inevitable, an indispensable tool. From detail work on a piece, to realising a piece entirely with the pen, it has a prominent place in art.

Art, in all its forms and presences, will first have been thought out and drawn. The pen is the vector of this work. Pen, stylus, fountain pen or pencil, each expression of the individual takes the form of art as soon as enough time has been devoted to it for it to become the materialization of the imagination of the creator. Everyday objects can become sources of inspiration for everyone as long as they take the time to observe and appreciate the nature of the object they own. This is how the true value of the product is expressed.

a picture of abstract sketch made with a pen
Sketch with pen

The countless art forms produced with pens by their versatility in the creative process or by their very nature make them essential. Artists using a simple pen are able to enrich daily life just through the most simple creation. An impromptu sketch done on the spot, or a long session of drawing, can express the true creativity of the artist. We have seen an infinite number of works come true thanks to pens, making everyday life less dreary.

The use of the pen in art today has been popularised by the production of works using only this medium. Sometimes monochrome, sometimes not, this medium focuses on contrasts and the choice of shadow given to the features. These different uses of the simple pen mean that today we can see pieces in a gallery that have been created by the same tool, the same pen.

picture of man sketch with pen
Sketch with pen

Today, recent technologies have allowed pens to be revolutionised ; for example, we now have access to 3D printing that allow you to build with the simple tip of a pen. No longer simply capable of writing down an idea, a thought or a concept, then pen now helps bring the idea to life.


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