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The role of pen in the construction of mankind and its cultures

History starts from writing, when man made his first pen to engrave his thoughts into his tablet. Once he had expressed himself, he began to use the pen to solve other issues. This is how civilizations are born, by creating systems in which people evolve.

Picture of Roman statue
Roman statue

Throughout history, we have seen civilizations rise and fall, empires built and then destroyed. The pen was the witness and the weapon of choice in order to transmit such events. Those who want to see the future must first understand the past, because despite the many different scenarios of the past, man has changed very little. He very often responding to the needs that he creates for himself ; man is afraid of those that which he does not understand, and he seeks domination at all costs, for his own survival. Once understood, the subject of fear passes through the pen so that man will never be afraid of it again, because he will have already conquered it.

Ruin of antic amphitheater picture
Ruin of antic amphitheater

Making a civilization strong can be done through war or culture, though culture is crushed by war, and warring regimes have seen themselves dismantled. It is also important and vital that a people be able to access knowledge in order to develop its understanding of the world and define its place in the group that society forms in relation to its own aspirations. This is how a civilization can prosper. Each individual will have an enlightened collective conscience of his own condition and will look after the interests of the group as if they were his own, as the interest of the group often meets that of the individual even if the latter perceives it as little. Without the group or the strength of a system, alone, Man finds himself helpless in the face of the reality of the world around him.

Ruin of Greek temple picture
Ruin of Greek temple

Reading the past, living and writing the present allow the construction and realization of man’s future. The pen is a fundamental tool for human progress.

Egyptian pyramid
Egyptian pyramid


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