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The pen has made man eternal

The pen is a staple of all ages : present on all fronts, in all conflicts and at all times, it has contributed to making people better and more efficient. Thanks to the pen, they are able to improve themselves while learning from the work of their predecessors.

The pen, a tool capable of leaving a mark on paper, paintings, walls and stones. A tool able to transpose thoughts, to tell stories so that the reader can escape into an alternate reality. A tool we use to clear our minds, as well as to learn new information. Regardless of its shape or color, the pen has always existed ; regardless of age or place, each culture and each individual will leave their mark in their own way.

Writing is the memory of humanity, despite how short our existence may be. The pen will have allowed us to understand of the errors of the past so as not to reproduce them, so that we may anticipate them. The history of man remains our most precious possession and will always remain so, because it is due to this that humanity has been able to evolve. It is thanks to this that humanity was able to meet all the challenges we have faced thus far, and so overcome the trials of natural selection.

Even today in dematerialized form, the pen and the quill remain your most loyal allies. They are the heart of social ties, even with the arrival of the internet. Humanity has never written so much about its own history. Although sometimes we may react too quickly and regret what we wrote later, the authenticity is what makes us human. Our thoughts and beliefs are able to change, and writing is a big driver of social change.

Far from just being able to look back at our recent memories, we also can dive back into our former selves – whether it be our ‘self’ from last week, last month, or even last year, we can now record our thoughts by using keyboards. Humanity is able to witness its own history, and to write it.

When you write, you are describing yourself. Don’t forget to do some introspection.