people hold a tableau with contain a bic black pen
Non classé

The BIC pen, a work of art on sell : starting price 100Eth!

Say goodbye to school notebooks: on a white background, in a flowerpot, under glass or shattered on stones, the BIC pen reveals its most beautiful profiles in an astonishing collection of art. Four colors, four pieces. Blue, black, red, green. And a lot of mystery.

The absurd: a pen on sell with NFT !

Putting plastic up for sell: you just had to think about it.
To propel a ballpoint pen as the star of an art collection: you just had to dare!
(We can thank 2020’s confinement for projects that make us think ‘WTF?’).

Starting sell: 100 Eth for blue pen (yep, you heard that right).
The value of the absurd?

two hands with black gloves hold a bottles with blue bic pen inside

A masterful work of art or a marketing stroke of genius, the canvas comes to life in the guise of this piece which stands out in the cultural landscape. An everyday object bought in supermarkets that looks with defiance at the beautiful paintings on display in museums? It’s obviously going to get people talking.

Excess: what is the price of freedom?

Yes, that’s the title of the collection.
Who in the audience wants to bid on their freedom? Hm? You there, behind the screen?

two people move a green bic pen in growth under glasses

37 cents for a basic pen is so 2000s.

For only 500,000 times more expensive than in stores, you have a work of art. It may be just a pen, yes, but it’s still a contender – I’m telling you.
In 2021, we don’t just want shiny appearances. We want MEANING.

pen bleeding

So hold on tight, you’re not going to be disappointed. Here are the titles of the pieces of art:
Blue pen: “Why learn to speak?”
Green pen: “Why learn to read?”
Black pen: “Why learn to write?”
Red pen: “Why learn?”

Why, you ask? Because. Let’s think about it.

Commitment: Freedom with a F

There is freedom of expression and Freedom with a capital F.
Like a flight of migratory birds against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset (complete with Céline Dion crooning away).
The freedom to create.
The freedom to put your creation up for auction.
The freedom to maintain anonymity.
Superheroes have many masks… #comeasyouare #eveninahazmatsuit
In search of this freedom, the mystery artist-adventurer chose to unveil his pieces on the Tor browser, known to guarantee confidentiality. Nothing to do with Thor. Although…

Doesn’t that make sense?

You are free to discover the collection.
You’re free to give it whatever meaning you want: an ode to education, culture, ecology, political indictment, Black Mirror episode?
It is not known where this collection of works of art comes from.

Edit : The site is now unreachable.

We don’t know who created it. Maybe it’s your roommate? Grandpa Joe? Mom?!

What we DO know: a pen is not just a pen.

two guys on a train

Open your eyes.



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