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Impact of the coronavirus on the world of reading and writing.

For those who live in a cave or in a remote area, a pandemic has struck with the name Covid-19 or 20 for the year, I can’t remember.

During this period, much of the modern world found itself locked in their homes with no other occupation than the blessings of the Internet offered by our modern societies, so technologically advanced that we were taken aback and short of masks.

After all, the popular belief that appears to be that a lung virus creating an epidemic in the land of the mask would not be able to reach our continent.

That was without counting freighters, planes, tourism and all the comings and goings across borders.

But out of cynicism, it is possible that these repeated lockdowns, despite having closed the booksellers, did not impact reading consumption. Amazon having fulfilled its original function, e-readers have become more democratic and although libraries are also closed, our old books, those that are inherited and those that can be stolen from our neighbors are there to water us. They seem that many solutions were available.

With this in mind, let us ask ourselves the question. Ignoring the economic impact, has this virus made people read less? With the solutions mentioned above, it seems not.

Although the books were not considered essential. As it turns out, pens do, and so does their lifelong friend, paper.

So it was still possible to write. Who ? Will you say to me still writing anything with a paper and a pen except possible drawings, various calculations or shopping lists for the oldest among us.

I assure you, it was only to place the word pen.

However, the reasoning still makes sense if we consider someone who already has the process of writing, we are entitled to think that this one may have perceived the various confinements as a godsend to indulge in his passion.

Also, although many books have seen their release delayed, we can imagine that in the months and years to come a host of texts could see the light of day, inspired by the long days locked up during confinement.

Which will certainly be of better quality, because potentially more thoughtful than those written in the rhythm of an open world running at full speed.

Of course, this does not apply to those writing about the covid crisis and its future when it has not finished demonstrating its magnitude or the full ramifications of its impacts.